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Understanding breast cancer and how it affects women


Breast cancer is a global menace with women being the most affected people because they have more breast tissue compared to men. This is according to institutions that have tried to understand breast cancer, for decades, in the bid to stop it.

Like other cancers, the cancer is triggered by cell malignancy. Some of its symptoms include an unusual lumps in in the breast tissue. Bloody discharge from the nipples and nipple inversion may also indicate the presence of cancer in the breast. Below are some facts on breast cancer and how it affects women.

Physical changes

Once one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the next step is to find ways to stop its spread. This calls for treatment procedures that result in hair loss. The skin color changes and joint pains get worse, making it difficult for one to have a normal personal perception of her body. The ailment diminishes hope. It kills the spirit to move on hence many of the women’s life often take a turn for the worse regarding health and emotions as a result of the body changes.

Women with breast cancer don’t sleep easy especially if they are advanced in age. This is because the elderly have weak immune system and they are usually battling a pile of old age ailments such as bone complications. Breast cancer can induce unexplained weight gain and low libido even in younger women. It follows that the disease can have total effect on a woman’s lifestyle since it’s also known to bring about infertility problems.

Socio-economic effects

3Until recently, health insurance policy providers kept away from insuring terminal ailments such as breast cancer. This is because it’s never possible to know the amount of money required to restore a breast cancer patient’s health.

The disease drains personal and family savings as it inhibits an individual’s ability to engage in gainful cash generating endeavors. These women face discrimination and stigma in some societies. They consequently go through a web of psychological traumas that affect their personal and professional life in the same breath.

Breast cancer affects the afflicted women’s ability to take care of their families. The amount of care and attention that they need affects their immediate family members’ day-to-day life. It’s, for example, difficult to work two or three jobs and attend to the sick without incurring extra expenses of hiring a home care expert.

This is usually a good idea considering that they bring in wealth of experience that has helped many to fight back the disease and emerge as living testimonies that it’s possible to win the war against breast cancer.

There is no silver bullet in the fight against breast cancer. Global awareness about the disease should be hiked. Religious and cultural walls that are hindering the win against the ailment should be brought down and research endeavors financed . It’s also significant to try and know as much as possible about breast cancer to help you detect and eradicate it in its early stages. This is not a curse but a manageable condition, especially when discovered in its preliminary stages.